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Ann“Design your Costa Rica  TRAVEL ADVENTURE Vacation” by Ann The COSTA RICA Travel Planner EXPERT

Costa Rica Travel Adventure  Vacation Planning:  Design a Costa Rica Vacation”  by Ann, “The  Costa Rica Travel Planning Expert”   Take advantage of this unique service!  Let Ann design  the land portion  for your individualized vacation itinerary for your   Costa Rica vacation.  It’s easy and it will not cost you any extra money.  In fact you will save money and time.

Because Ann lives part of the year in Costa Rica and has worked many years in the Costa Rica Travel Industry,  she knows the distances, road conditions,  and time needed  to drive to popular tourist destinations, therefore, saving you time .  She knows the best hotels and travel adventure tours to suit your desires and  your budget.  She has knowledge of the different and diverse regions of the rain forest and the beaches and  the weather patterns in each.   She is an expert on  the  National Parks,  including the popular Arenal Volcano area and  Manuel Antonio National Park and all the adventure tours and other activities offered there. She can set up car rentals to be delivered to your hotel door on the day you arrive.  Or  if you wish, she can arrange private transportation.   Truely Ann offers a unique service

ABOUT ANN:  Ann has been working in the Costa Rica Travel Industry as a Travel Agent specializing in individualized  Costa Rica travel adventure vacation itineraries  for  fifteen years and  lives part of the year  in Costa Rica,  along with her husband, Ken Creed, a professional videographer who has worked for National Geographic. So she knows the country like “the back of her hand” She has traveled to the most popular tourist destinations, from the mountains and rainforest to the beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean.   So her advice is given from the  perspective of one who has visited or stayed in  the hotels and has done the adventure tours, and is familiar with the tour companies which have proven track records.     By following her to “Design”  your Costa Rica Vacation, you  will travel easier, smarter, and cheaper.  Thus have a relaxed-fun filled vacation!

Ann and her husband Ken  have made a travel adventure video on Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations   Ken, a professional videographer  has twenty five years of experience in the  travel adventure video business.  His works  have been selected by National Geographic to be shown at Constitutional Hall in Washington D.C. and Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Together Ken and Ann created the  58 minute adventure travel video “Costa Rica a Travel Adventure Spectacular”    This Costa Rica Travel video will help you better plan a vacation.  It highlights the most popular  National Parks and Adventure Tours.  To see a 3 minute trailer  (and purchase the video -if you wish)  go to the top of the home page of  and click on Buy Our Video.


First you  email Ann    anncreed23@gmail.com  You and Ann discuss  by email and phone which areas  you would like to visit in Costa Rica.  Ann will offer suggestions of the most popular destinations and places to see the most spectacular tropical beauty and wildlife of Costa Rica, and answer all  your questions.    If you have CHILDREN or TEENAGERS  Ann will suggest the best options for a family travel adventure vacation.

Together you will choose the hotels, mode of ground transportation, and adventure tours you wish to take.  Ann will  design an itinerary, price it, and email it to you. How does the money work?  You pay with your credit card to the hotels, tours, ground transportation and receive vouchers from each segment.  Your credit card is taken to guarantee and is not charged until you check out or finish the tours.  Cancellation policies are explained by Ann.    Then, after your travel adventure  Costa Rica vacation is finished,  Ann receives commissions directly from each of the hotels, tours, etc which you take.  (no extra charge to you, no hidden fees)

   Contact Ann       anncreed23@gmail.com       TO  “Design Your Costa Rica Travel Adventure Vacation