Costa Rica’s White Face Monkey, One of Most Intelligent in the Rain Forest


Don't think too hard!

Don’t think too hard!

Costa Rica’s White Face Monkey, One of Most Intelligent in the Rain Forest

Which is one of the most intelligent monkeys in the rain forest of Costa Rica? If you guessed the white face monkey you are correct.

White faced monkeys use tools.  They beat snakes with sticks to protect themselves. They use hard surfaces such as trees to crack nuts for food.  They can be seen probing sticks into holes to explore what is inside.  These monkeys are trained to assist paraplegics  and also for roles on TV shows.

White face monkeys actually eat the beautiful bromeliads we see in the high up canopy of the rain forest.  And drink the water stored in the bromeliad’s leaves.  And they love mangos, bananas, and palm date nuts.  Don’t let one of them steal your backpack or all you belongings inside will be gone.  They are looking to eat your bananas.

White faced monkeys are seen in many areas of the rain forest in Costa Rica.  Especially in the Manuel Antonio National Park area.  The park rangers tell you not to feed them , but despite that the white face  has learned that we tourist carry food around so they become very friendly and hang our near by, and if you turn your back-well…the white face loves to grab the backpack and run to the top of the tree with it.

Destruction of the rain forest due to development of roads, hotels, and condos and man intruding into the white face monkey’s natural habitat.has been harmful.  Many less have been seen in the Manuel Antonio National park in the previous years.