A Costa Rica Vacation-Visit A Primary Rainforest

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a vacation to Costa Rica to visit her natural treasure- the primary rainforest?

Here you find some of the last remaining primary rainforest in the world.  The government of Costa Rica starting in the late 1980s has designated large portions of it’s primary rainforest for National Parks in the effort to preserve and protect these rainforest.  And, today over 20% of the land surface is either national parks or wildlife preserves.

WHAT IS A PRIMARY RAINFOREST? Primary forest refers to untouched, pristine forest that exists in its original condition. This forest has been relatively unaffected by human activities. A Primary rainforest is characterized by a full ceiling canopy and usually several layers under this.  The buttresses of the trees are often up to 4 meters in diameter.


MONTEVERDE-  Here you will find Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.  Takes around 4 hours to hike all the trails within the reserve.  Best to hire a naturalist guide at the entrance to the reserve because they are trained and know the names of these  giant trees and also where the animals and birds hang out.  The reclusive

Splendid Quetzal

Splendid Quetzal

Quetzal is found in the upper canopies and is famous for it’s long turquoise tail, sapphire blue body,  and bright red belly




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