Travel Tips, Safe Travel in Costa Rica

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Travel Tips, Safe Travel in Costa Rica

I am often asked is it safe to travel in Costa Rica?  And my reply is:  Use the same common sense approach to travel in Costa Rica as you would in say New York City or any other large city.

That is:  handle your valuables with great care.  And of course that means your money, camera, passport, lap top computers, cell phones,  jewelry, etc. etc.  Tourist are a target for thieves because we usually are carrying a camera and just simply “look like a tourist”   My advice is purchase a money bag to go under your clothes.  I use the one that goes around my waist.  (I purchased it at Morey Luggage).  I put my money, credit card, and passport in this money bag.  I keep a small amount of money in my pocket or fanny pack so I don’t have to get into the money bag so often. I even sleep with the money bag around my waist.

I carry my camera and my laptop computer  in a backpack and do not let it out of my sight.  I don’t lay in down in restaurants.  I keep it so I have my eye on it at all times.

I dont’ walk alone at night or even with friends we don’t walk in places that are not well lighted and where other people are around.

Don’t use ATM machines at night unless it is inside a well lighted building such as grocery stores.

I use a fanny pack around my waist,  not a purse.

Don’t wear fancy and expensive jewelry.

In very crowed areas always  beware of pick pockets.

One way thieves operate is in groups.  One of them may bump you and the other will grab your purse or backpack.  That happened to me in downtown Mexico City in a very crowded area.

On public buses keep your backpack in your lap.  Putting it in an overhead bin can get it stolen.

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