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Rain Forests, Costa Rica Nature’s Treasure

Visit the Rainforest of Costa Rica  Nature’s Treasures As you walk into the rainforest remember you are a guest. Hundreds of creatures live here. This is their home. The monkeys. White face monkeys and black howler monkeys inhabit Costa Rica’s rain forests. They will peer down at you from the very top of the trees. […]

Monteverde, Costa Rica, Many Faces of a Rain Forest

Monteverde, Costa Rica,  Many Faces of a Rain Forest Monteverde, Costa Rica is home to the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Recently I spent 4 hours hiking through this beautiful rain forest and the following photographs  show the many faces of this  rain forest reserve, rising  4, 500 feet above sea level in a mountainous […]

Monteverde Costa Rica, Home of the Quetzal

Monteverde Costa Rica, Home of the Quetzal Monteverde Costa Rica is filled with tourist from all over the world from January through March which is the time it rains less.  It is located high in the cloudy rain forest, atop the continental divide and about 110 miles from San Jose, the capital city.  The only […]

Costa Rica’s Rain Forest

Costa Rica’s Rain Forest Costa Rica is famous among tourist as having beautiful rain forest where hundreds of species of plants and animals live.   The best place in Costa Rica  for a tourist to see a primary rain forest, one that is hundreds of years old and has never been cut,  is  Corcovado National Park […]

Monteverde, Settled by Quakers

The Community named Monteverde was settled by eleven Quakers  families from Alabama in the early 1950s.  They left the United States and came to Costa Rica looking for a new home,  because they had a strong belief against the military system of the US .  Costa Rica,  in 1948 permanently abolished it’s army, and known […]