Southern Caribbean Coast Puerto Viejo Cahuita

Beach-Southern Caribbean

The inhabitants of this area are predominately Afro-American of Jamaican descent. They settled in this part of Costa Rica in the middle of the 19th century. They speak both English and Spanish. They traditionally lived by farming and fishing but tourism caught on in Costa Rica in the early 90’s and now tourism is the number one income for the people of these communities. Reflected in this culture is the reggae and calypso music brought with them from Jamaica and also the food- dishes made with rice and coconut. The tourist hotels are mostly owned and run by Europeans from France, Belgium, Italy, and Germany.

Also here you will find the indigenous people known as Bribri who are famous for their beautiful handcrafts which make great souvenirs. You can take a tour to their reservation.

Tourism attractions are numerous. 1. Cahuita National Parks with it’s gorgeous beaches and great snorkeling – best coral reefs in Costa Rica and large school of colored fish.

2. Aviarios Del Caribe – rescue injured birds and nurse them back to health and then release them into the wild.

3. Sloth Sanctuary– rescue injured sloths and nurse them back to health.

4. Indigenous reserves …to visit here–you have to go thru a tour company in Puerto Viejo where the tourism office is located for this area. The web site to get information is

5. Scuba diving is popular however you must go thru a tourism company which can be found on the web site

6. Samasati Retreat Center “A Spiritual Experience” Nine private bungalows nestled in the rainforest. Very quiet and beautiful. If you like you can arrange for your yoga retreats here. Yoga classes are offered daily to the quests. This beautiful property is situated within two hundred and fifty acres of biological reserve and conservation project.

The Packages offered are Tropical Adventure Package, Birdwatching Package, Indigenous Culture Package, and all during the year special yoga retreats.

Samasati also offers packages with tours to the most interesting attractions such as a chocolate farm, jaguar rescue center, canopy tour, Cahuita national park, They offer tours to the Bribri indigenous Indian reservation. And it is only four miles from the gorgeous beaches.

They also offer a Tropical Adventure Family Vacation Package -great for kids- 4 nights , all meals, and including 4 tours from the list above. If you would like to inquire more about this package contact Ann Cabezas Creed “the costa rica learn travel agency

Reflections by Ann: This area of the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful because of the abundance of exotic trees and flowering plants. And the sandy white beaches are lined with coconut palm trees. “It’s summer time and the living is easy” is the motto here.

Rainfall is abundant making things green and exuberant. Fishing is great –always a fresh catch for dinner.

Testimonial December 2013

We spent a great Christmas holiday at Samasati. We slept in the rainforest with screens on the windows but not glass. We listened to the sounds of nature-howling of the monkeys, chirping of the birds, raindrops on the window sill. We saw monkeys, sloths, waterfalls, exuberant tropical vegetation…..just simply magic. It is truly a Jungle Gem!

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