Costa Rica Spotlight: Como En Casa, A Great Restaurant in Alajuela

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Costa Rica Spotlight: Como En Casa, A Great Restaurant in Alajuela

COMO EN CASA is Alajuela’s newest chic restaurant  “parrillada Argentina.”

Ezequiel and Cristina with her painting "Calla Lilies"

Como En Casa, interior

The owners are Ezequiel Ruiz and Cristina Gutierrez Sori. Ezequiel was born in Argentina and immigrated to Costa Rica where he met Cristina.   She was born in Columbia and also immigrated to Costa Rica.    They fell in love, married, and opened a small cafe  near Alajuela’s  Cathedral Agonia.  There was seating for only 10 people and  the popularity of Ezequiel and Cristina’s food spread far and wide.   Time passed, they worked hard and were able to move to a larger space.
Then came the opportunity for a new and upscale restaurant which they named Como En Casa.  In English the literal translation is “like in your own home.”   Making the decision to specialize in Argentine cuisine especially beef,  was just the right niche for Ezequiel and Cristina.

Argentine cuisine  is famous all over the world, especially the beef,  for its “all natural” fantastic flavor.  The cows are grass fed in a region known as the Pampas, a few hours outside Buenos Aires. Once populated by gauchos (the wild-living handsome Argentine cowboy) it is still the center for cattle ranches. In the small towns of this region the word for restaurant is synonymous with parrilla or parrillada.

strawberry and chocolate crepes with vanilla ice cream and a capuchino

strawberry and chocolate crepes with vanilla ice cream and a capuchino

This means that the restaurant specializes  in beef,  and the name is taken from the deep waist high grills used to cook the meat.

Como En Casa’s  architectural design is modern. All exterior walls are glass.   Exotic dark wood, mixed with earth tone colors grace the interior.   Adoring the walls are Cristina’s oil paintings reflecting life in the barrios of Buenos Aires with it’s music and melancholy lyrics of the Tango.

The menu is extensive.  And the specialty is  the grilled  steaks.  The menu is divided into the following categories:  appetizers,  salads,  grilled meats,  pasta,  and sea food, deserts,

Deserts are to die for!  I stopped in one  afternoon for coffee and choose the crepes filled with strawberries and chocolate served with vanilla ice cream.  (pictured above)  and a cup of Costa Rican capuchino.  Wow, what a delight!

The wine list is extensive in both white and red- covering many regions of Spain, Argentina, and Chile.

The wine can be purchased by the glass.

The  chef is from Alajuela and works  under the direction of Ezequiel and Cristina.  The recipes are their own, having evolved from  many years of experience and perfection.

Service is excellent with professional waiters dressed traditionally in the Argentine style black trousers and black shirt.

Prices: The head waiter states that among the best cuts is the filet mignon for $27.00. And the sirloin butt for $21.00.  These prices include all taxes and 10% tip.   The menus also offers chicken and sea food specialties.  The fabulous deserts are around $4 to $6.  And house wine is from $4-$6 a glass. click here to view the full menu

Hours: Seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Location: 250 meters ( 2 1/2 blocks) east of the Gas Station La Tropicana.  For those people not familiar with Alajuela:   Coming from San Jose, just before the San Jose international airport, at the big intersection take a right and then a sharp left-following  the route into Alajuela central.   Don’t make  any turns until you see McDonalds on your left and a big gas station on your right. Here is where you make a right turn- then go 2  1/2 blocks and you will see the shopping center -Plaza Real Alajuela.   Como En Casa is easily seen when you make a right turn into the shopping center. Click here for in depth information regarding the menu,  the private dining  room, and more…..

Highly recommended!!  We would love to hear your comments if you visit this unique restaurant .  Please click on no comments at the end of this post, tell us about your experience and  we will share your thoughts with our readers.  Thanks for choosing

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