How Global Warming is Affecting Costa Rica

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How Global Warming is Affecting Costa Rica

I would like to share with you a letter I received from a young man in Uganda:

“I was in Costa Rica in 2007 and I was impressed by the willingness and responsiveness of locals to preserve their environment especially the rain forests. Yes, I know a lot of damage has been done to the environment but not at the same scale as here in Africa, particularly Uganda where I come from!

I also saw many people/tourists from the USA coming to Costa Rica to see these rain forests and other natural attractions like the volcanic mountain.

The natural green on the mountainous Costa Rica was specifically captivating! I wouldn’t even mince a word if I was given another chance to visit the country, whose people were also as warm as their weather.

When I returned to my country, Uganda, I told colleagues that there was need to emulate the Costa Rican way. I know a lot is required to combat the global warming crisis but it particularly important that we learn from what other countries are doing in winning the battle against the vice.”

Costa Rica has 20% of its land surface  protected either as national parks or wildlife preserves.  Much of this land in Costa Rica, under preservation is primary and secondary rain forest, home to hundreds of species of birds and animals.   The trees give off oxygen and take in Carbon Dioxide thus aiding in reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The less carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere the less warmth   (in our  earth’s atmosphere) .


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