Costa Rica’s Red Eye Tree Frog

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Costa Rica’s Red Eye Tree Frog

Wandering through the Costa Rica rain forest the other day my friend Renee and I stumbled upon a beautiful small green frog, about the size of a small tea cup, and when we picked up the green leaf it was hidden under, all of a sudden, it’s vivid scarlet  eyes popped out and its body turned even a brighter green and spread wide its small yellow webbed feet.  About the cutest frog I have ever seen!  It as a Red Eye Tree Frog.  Lucky us– because although these frogs are not yet endangered, it’s a rare delight to see one.

Costa Rica’s rainforest is home to hundreds of these little frogs and  it’s highly recognizable image is used to promote “saving the world’s rainforest”

This  friendly, non venomous creature, doesn’t mind having  his photograph taken.  Here are 2 beautiful photos.  Thanks to National Geographic  (first photo) and  also to Marie-France Grenouillet, a French woman who is a professional photographer who travels the world capturing beautiful and rare wildlife images. (Second  photo)

You can see more of Marie’s beautiful photographs taken in Costa Rica

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