Visit Costa Rica’s Exotic Southern Caribbean Coastline, Off the Beaten Path

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Canals of Tortuguero, Costa Rica's Caribbean

Canals of Tortuguero, Costa Rica’s Caribbean

Lush tropical plants, Costa Rica's Caribbean

Lush tropical plants, Costa Rica’s Caribbean


Visit Costa Rica’s Exotic Southern Caribbean Coastline, Off the Beaten Path

Come and tour Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coastline,  off the beaten path but truly a  an exotic tropical paradise.   Most tourist travel to this region by car.  Or take one of the private bus services  such as Greyline or purchase a transfer through the hotel where they are staying.  It’s  around four hours by car  from San Jose, just take the main highway to Limon and just before you get to Limon you will take a right turn which leads you along the southern Caribbean Coast.  The road system here leaves a lot to be desired, quite a few dirt and gravel areas.

Immediately you will sense that this is a much more laid back part of Costa Rica than you have previously experienced.  But  lush and tropical with a jungle feeling.   The beaches are lined with palm trees and the warm ocean breeze blows almost constantly.  Rains a lot here-all year round.  A large portion of the population are the people whose descendants from  the island of Jamaica.  You will see their very colorful cultural influence everywhere here, from the  coconut infused food flavors  to the reggae music to  the bright huesof blue and yellow of the houses.

Which area should I visit?  First there is the Sloth Rescue Center, very unique plqce  where you can see baby sloths being cared for to be released into the wild as well as Buttercup, an eight year old sloth how resides at the rescue center.  She was picked up from the side of the riad after being hit by a car and taken to the refuge where she is living  happily.  This tour takes about 2 hours.  Learn more at

Life style and beaches are the draw here.  Weather is rainy all year so one has to love rain to stay here very long.  The life style is very laid back and easy going.  Never see anyone in a hurry. The beaches are beautiful but not many of them are swimmable.  You see many rocky areas along the beach where the water washes up.  Lots of wild life and gorgeous  tropical plants and flowers.

The road system is in poor repair, lots dirt gravel areas and potholes.

Most tourist come here to experience this easy life style, visit the beaches, listen to the reggae music at night in the clubs, and watch the monkeys, sloths, iguanas, green parrots, and yes snakes.

Many small hotels sprinkle the beaches (no big resorts here).  Lots of local small restaurants serving Caribbean cuisine such as rice with coconut water, pineapple shrimp, fried plantains, and of course black beans with white rice.  is  a great web site to great excellent information on tourism on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

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