Travel Tips: What’s the Weather Like at Arenal Volcano National Park June, July, August, September?

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Travel Tips: What’s the Weather Like at Arenal Volcano National Park June, July, August, September?

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica Arenal Volcano National Park or take a vacation to that area, in the months of June, July, August, and September what kind of weather can you expect?   The Arenal Volcano is located in Costa Rica’s San Carlos Valley in the Northwest.  This is the “bread basket” of Costa Rica and receives a large amount of rainfall all year round.

These months you can get nice sunny mornings and rainy afternoon.  However I have been there in these months and experienced  a full day of sun.  You should get up very early, and do your outdoor activities in the morning.  Also you have a better chance of seeing the Arenal Volcano early in the morning since clouds cover it later in the morning.

We  like to stay at the Arenal Observatory Lodge since it has the best view of the volcano.  We  like photography and start around 9 p.m. photographing.  Sometimes earlier if the Volcano is fully visible.   We  rent a boat and so out on Lake Arenal where the possibilities for photography are very nice.  The view of Arenal from there is beautiful and many marine birds are active early in the morning.

The Arenal Volcano National Park has nice trails and I used to be able to hike to the old lava beds, but recently I was there and the park ranger said this part is closed because the volcano was very active that day.  This area of the old lava bed is great for photography.  The lava bed have hugh black lava rocks and you can hear the volcano huffing and puffing.

Around the Arenal Volcano Lodge are many beautiful  birds.  Early morning around 6-6:30 a.m. is the time to see these.  If you have a telephoto lens for your camera-well that even better to get close up of these gorgeous birds.

The Tabacon Hot springs has a wonderful botanical garden filled with flowering tropical plants, great for photography.

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