What’s the Weather Like in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica in June, July, and August?

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White sand beaches at Manuel Antonio

White sand beaches at Manuel Antonio

What’s the Weather Like in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica  in June, July, and August?

Travel to Manuel Antonio National Park, located on Costa Rica’s mid-Pacific coast line, approximately three  and one half hours by car from the San Jose International Airport.  The months of June, July, and August fall within the rainy season here in Costa Rica.   The areas around Manuel Antonio will get a lot of rain during these months, however you could get many sunny mornings and around 2-3 p.m. in the afternoon a heavy thunderstorm.  These thunderstorms are exciting to watch if you have a nice view to the ocean.  The  lightening is like watching a fire works show  on the 4th of July.

So don’t let the weather stop you from coming on down to Manuel Antonio during the months of June, July, and August.  Plan to go down to the National Park early in the morning.  It opens at 7:30 a.m.  Anyway the animals and birds are out at that time of the day so take your binoculars.  The marine birds are flying high  along the edge of the beach.  Also the white face monkeys are more playful early in the morning.  The iguanas are scurrying under the trees and along the beach.  You may be luck and see the sloth which makes it’s home within the park.

The waters of the Pacific seem to be a deeper blue color early in the morning and is great fun to take a dip, then leisurely lie on the warm sand and take in the tropical sunshine.  Watch your backpack.  The white face monkeys love to grab it and run!

We usually take a sack lunch  and bottled water  (in our back pack) with us and spend the entire morning, hiking,  swimming, and just laying on the beach relaxing and watching the monkeys and birds.

Within Manuel Antonio National park there is no place to purchase food or bottled water, so take it with you.

Before lunch we decided to hike up to Cathedral Point,  (a hiking trail within the park) quite a long hike and it’s going up all the way.  The view of the ocean from there is lovely. By the time we got back down we decided we had had our work out for the day.  Took us about one hours to go the entire route.

I highly recommend  if you are taking a vacation in Costa Rica to visit Manuel Antonio, at least for a couple days.  Very nice place to relax and enjoy the sandy being-white beaches and blue water of the Pacific.  We at costaricalearn.com  strive to make your vacation a more relaxing one by providing you with travel tips which help you plan your vacation time here in Costa Rica.

So contact us if you have any specific questions, just click on no comments at end of this article and write to us in the reply column.

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