The Red Eyed Tree Frog, Tropical Rain Forest Costa Rica

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The Red Eyed Tree Frog, Tropical Rain Forest  Costa Rica

If I could be a frog I would like to be a Red Eyed Tree Frog and live in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica. I would be a beautiful frog, the envy of all the other frogs in the tropical rain forest. My skin is soft like silk, and my body is bright green. I am famous for my big red eyes. I can see in front, to the side, and partially behind me. I’m small in size but that does not matter, I can jump high and the sticky disc on the end of my feet enable me to climb high into the tree tops.

I love to eat crickets, and flies, and I’ll even eat a smaller frog is I really get hungry. My life isn’t so care free since I have to be constantly on the look out for snakes. Although I blend with the green tree leaves and am hard to see, the snakes or even a large bird would love me for dinner.

I am described by a big word: Amphibian. I began my life in the water as a tadpole and my tiny gills developed into lungs. And now I am able to live on land and enjoy life within Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy. How lucky can I be!

I’m cold blooded, but actually I do not feel cold. I love when the warm rain falls onto my soft skin. Afterwards comes the wonderful sunshine beaming through the thicket of the tropical forests.

I love gliding from tree to tree, so please help protect my endangered home in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Large numbers of trees are being cut down each year. And I’m worried that I won’t have any more trees to play in.

I want to become a mother tree frog. So I will lay my eggs under water. I lay about 200 tiny eggs which hatch into very small tadpoles. The tadpoles swim around, eat shrubs and weeds. After a few weeks they grow back legs and then front legs and become froglets. then hop onto land and become real red eye tree frogs. Then they go into the Costa Rica rainforest and live happily ever after.

Where to find a red eyed tree frog? There are located in the dense rain forest of Costa Rica, and are not easy to find.

Are they poison?  Not to my knowledge.

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