Renting a Car in Costa Rica, Credit Card Company car rental Insurance.


Renting a Car in Costa Rica,  Credit Card Company car rental Insurance.

Renting a car in Costa Rica? First call up your credit card company and ask them what Insurance coverage they provide with car rental in Costa Rica?    Each credit card company is different.  But just for purposes of example- let me tell you about mine.  I have a gold American Express card.  I can be  covered  (for a fee of $24.95 ) while renting a car in Costa Rica  EXCEPT FOR LIABILITY.  So I purchase a separate liability insurance policy thru  the rental car agency in Costa Rica.

Again:  Every credit card is different.  Call  yours and ask .

If your credit card does offer car rental coverage,  you will save money by buying the portions thru them that covers everything  except the liability portion.   A large portion of the money you pay to rent the car in Costa Rica  goes to insurance.

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