Is There a Hurricane Season in Costa Rica?

Is There a Hurricane Season in Costa Rica?

Hurricanes do not normally come as far south as Costa Rica.   However,  hurricanes  do get as far south as  the Atlantic coastlines of Nicaragua and Honduras.  Costa Rica’s weather is categorized into a dry season and a rainy season, and the amount of rainfall depends on what area of the country you are in.   Generally speaking:  Dry season– From around December 10 through mid April

Rainy season -from around mid April through around December 10th.   Exceptions are on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica the rainfall in much heavier and there is really not a dry season and a rainy season.   Seems to rain there less in October and November  (but that too varies)

NW Pacific Guanacaste beaches  is where there is the least rainfall in Costa Rica- even in the rainy season- this part of Costa Rica gets sunny mornings and late afternoon showers.

South Pacific of Costa Rica-this includes the Osa Peninsula.  Very rainy here.  Even in the dry season, rains a lot here. But in dry season usually sunny mornings and afternoon showers.

When traveling to Costa Rica you will admire how beautiful and green everything is.  That’s because of the rain,  the rich volcanic soil, and the warm tropical sunshine.

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I invite you to read here on more about the weather patterns in Costa Rica.  Go to category weather patterns in the most popular touris destinations.

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