I’m a Photographer, Where Should I go in Costa Rica to Take Great Photos?

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Poas Volcano Costa Rica

Poas Volcano Costa Rica

Tortuguero Canals Costa Rica

Tortuguero Canals Costa Rica



I’m a Photographer, Where Should I go in Costa Rica to Take Great Photos?

Since I am a photographer and my husband is a professional videographer I can recommend some great spots for you.  First, in the cnetral valley of Costa Rica, the Poas Volcano is a great subject.  Go early in the morning and you will have a better chance of getting it without a cloud cover.

Second is the Arenal Volcano located in the northern region of Costa Rica.  The Arenal has many moods.  Again go early in the morning because it also tends to get a cloud cover.  If you are lucky you will get one of its mighty eruptions with fire and hot rocks spewing from it’s summit.  Also Lake Arenal is gorgeous early in the a.m. with losts of water birds and the view of the volcano from  the lake  is the best!

The blue River in the northern zone is a photographer’s dream.  It is located at the base of the Tenerio Volcano.  However, it is hard to get to.  Requires a hike of more than two hours .  The water is sky blue due to the mineral deposits in it.  But if you love hiking and are in good shape, then go for it!  Sunset tours in La Fortuna will sell you a day tour to the Blue River.

The Tortuguero Canals on the  north eastern Caribbean  side of Costa Rica allows you to photograph the dense jungle with monkeys, crocodiles, and toucans.  Also the exotic tropical flowering plants are unique.

The  Southern Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica are lined with palm trees and coconut trees and the houses are painted bright colors of yellow, blue, and green, reflecting the Afro-American culture here.  Everything here has color.  The dense rain forest in it’s thousand shades of green.  The sloths which hang out quietly in the tree tops, and the beaches are rocky and the water beats upon these rocks. There are lots of monkeys, crocodiles, and wildlife galore such as several species of Iguanas.  The whole culture here is colorful , even the fishing boats are colorfully painted in blues and yellows. It’s a great place for a photographer.

So bring your camera and come on down!

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