Finca Luna Nueva Lodge Organic Farming

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20150305_142002My friends Jessica and Grevin and I headed out of Alajuela.  Our destination: Finca Luna Nueva Lodge.

(FARM OF THE NEW MOON). We stayed for 2 nights and really that was not long enough!

This is a rain forest Lodge located around 1 hour from San Ramon, Costa Rica on the road to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. This area gets a lot of rainfall annually so crops grow fast.

The theme of Finca Luna Nueva is organic farming and preservation of the seeds of medicine plants which are grown organically.  Here you learn the underlying science behind their methods.  The preservation of these medicine plant’s seed is critical to future generations.  Now tragically, many of our valuable seeds are being genetically modified so that their seeds will not reproduce. (GMO)

Also; You can also learn first hand:  “How Chocolate is Made”  from the  cocoa plants grown organically on the farm.  Ismael, a young Costa Rican,  presents the skillful making of chocolate from the bean to the finished product which are small chocolate teddy bears. Simply  yummy!

In the small store you can purchase for $14 a  4 ounce bottle of organic ginger root  juice mixed with honey straight from the bee hive.  Take 1 tsp daily to improve the immune system.  Also you can buy organic turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.  Ingesting daily along with black pepper will increase the stomach’s ability to digest turmeric.

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge  is a very relaxing place.  The sounds of the rainforest are all around. Early morning the many tropical birds gather in the trees near our room. We see a flock of 5 toucans from the lodge’s look out tower, and a swarm of dozens of squeaking  green parrots.

The large swimming pool and near by hot tub are just perfect for the late afternoon swim after a day of hiking around the farm. The restaurant serves mostly organic.  My favorite was the green salads made from the organic lettuce and tomatoes and the unusual watermelon ceviche made with finely chopped cilantro and sweet blue onions.  Yummy!

Farm Tour- presented daily at 9 am and 2 pm.  Learn first hand how this organic farming is done.  See the pigs and water buffalo-it’s milk is used in the Lodge’s kitchen.   The knowledgeable guide points out many medicine plants which we get to smell and taste.

Sacred Seed Tour.  Our guide was Steven Farrell, the projects manager.  He is a specialists in  organically grown medicinal plants, especially ginger and turmeric.  The seeds are collected and kept for annual replanting.  The theme here is to promote these sacred seed gardens all over the world- and to preserve these seeds for future generations.

I was able to see up close  for the first time  an organic TEA plant which  was about 3 feet tall.  I love tea and love to explore and drink different kinds of tea.

Night Tour– Experience the sights and sounds of the night creatures.  Great for the kids!

Finca Luna Nueva is a model of Biodynamic farming. Definition: emphasizes the use of manure and compost and excludes artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Characterized a HOLISTIC understanding of the organic farming process. (Spiritual, ethical, and ecological ) approach.

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above photo is a rare orchid grown at  finca luna nueva lodge












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