Crocodiles are in Costa Rica’s Rivers

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Crocodiles are in Costa Rica’s Rivers so beware before you dive in!  Yes, just like the one you see in this photo!  And they will eat a person alive if given the opportunity.

The Tarcoles River, one of the largest rivers in Costa Rica is full of crocodiles.  This river is on the road to Manuel Antonio not far past Jaco.  Tourist stop by the dozens to photograph these huge crocodiles.   Yesterday  a man actually dived into the Tarcoles river and was sadly eaten by a very large crocodile!  I read in the newspaper today that his head was found floating down the river.

Many tourist want to do white water rafting while visiting Costa Rica.  The rivers with large swift rapids do not seem to have crocodiles.  Maybe it is the rapids that they dislike.

The Rio Frio located in the northern zone is full of crocodiles.  Tourist go on the “Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve” Tour and is navigated by a tour guide in a covered boat.  They see  Lots of crocodiles lazily basking on the sand bars along the river banks.

How can you tell a male crocodile from a female crocodile?  It is very difficult.  Their embryo do not have sex chromosomes . Sex is determined by the temperature during incubation of the eggs.  86F produces females and 90F produces males.

Crocodiles are very vocal. They hiss, bellow, and chirp.  And they love hot weather and do not survive in cold weather.  Crocodiles are a tropical species of reptiles, laying in the sun for hours drawing heat from the sun into their body thru their skin.

If you would like to view these curious creatures in Costa Rica, contact Ann, “The Costa Rica Expert” to help plan your vacation.

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Thanks to Carlos de la Rosa/Ecological society of America for the impressive photo of the butterfly and the bee resting on the nose of the crocodile.








Costa Rica is know for it’s beautiful wild and and natural rivers.  The Pacuare is famous for river rafting.  And the Savegre, near Manuel Antonio offers thrills to hundreds of tourist enjoying rafting down it’s wild wild rapids.

If you drive around Costa Rica you will see many many rivers winding down the mountains.  Costa Rica definitely does not have a shortage of water.



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