Costa Rica Spotlight: Costa Rica offers Orchid Lovers a Treat

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Costa Rica Spotlight: Costa Rica offers Orchid Lovers a Treat
As you travel Costa Rica you will see many species of Orchids  in Costa Ricain full bloom.  Especially in the dry season of January through April, providing the ideal natural conditions for the orchids to  bloom and thrive.  They are seen mostly in peoples homes and also in hotel lobbies.  It is rare, but not impossible to see an orchid growing in the wild.   These  natural occurring ideal growing conditions include:  1. 70 degree temperatures during the day and 60 degrees at night, with warm tropical breezes  2. Ideal lighting conditions of warm filtered sunshine  8-9 hours a day.  Do not place orchids in direct sunlight.  2 Most varieties of orchids do not like a lot of watering so this natural dry season is perfect.  This makes the orchids bloom and remain in bloom.  3. Natural humidity of 50-60 percent provides the right amount of moisture they need.   Most tropical orchids anchor onto tree bark or even on rocks and thrive because they can exist in nutrient poor habitats.  They are not parasites and do not sap the life from the tree,  instead the thick roots of the orchids catch whatever moisture and nutrients that are in the air, and the thick  leaves and swollen stems store  water for long periods of time.

The exotic orchid makes for the perfect hobby.  Their  beauty will illuminate a room and be the subject of conversation.  You will find yourself attending orchid shows and  cultivating friendships among orchid growers,  attending orchid seminars, learning from one another.
So if Costa Rica is your home, you share this home with the many species of orchids naturally growing in this tropical  paradise.  In fact  most of the 28,000 species of orchids around the world  are found here.
These fascinating plants over centuries have  served as the symbol of love, beauty, and luxury, and have  been regarded as aphrodisiacs and a main ingredient in love potions.  The Greeks though them a symbol of virility,  the Chinese- The Plant of the King’s Fragrance-
At local colorful farmers markets in every little town around Costa Rica, we can find for sale many beautiful and colorful orchids at very inexpensive prices.  And the best part is:  just enjoy them as they thrive naturally.
Costa Rica hosts it’s National Orchid Show in San Jose in mid March.  More information at

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