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I am thirty years of age and an avid biker.  I am planning a vacation to Costa Rica this summer and want to bring my bike to use as part of my transportation.  Do you recommend this?

No, I don’t recommend you bring your bike to Costa Rica, unless it is an organized tour for bikers.  For this reason:  Drivers here in Costa Rican generally do not show respect to bikers. They drive too fast and speed by the bikes with little regard to the other traffic.

However now we are seeing especially on the weekend a lot of young recreation bikers riding expensive bikes and dressed in all the latest fashionable clothes designed for bikers.

These  photos taken by Tico Times photographer shows the  bikers organized protest in Sabana Park (San Jose).  Bikers demonstrate against the lack of safety while riding on public roads.

These bikers are urging the present government to pass legislation to make the roads a safer place for bikers. Costa Rica does not have bike paths.

Last week three bikers were killed in San Jose.  The biking club members were quietly passing the afternoon enjoying the outdoors when a reckless driver speeding and not paying attention to the road -drove into them and unfortunately three were killed instantly.

In contrast, Arenal is an area where you can rent a recreational bike and go on road or off road.  Traffic is light there and the scenery is beautiful.  Desafio Tour Company is a large outdoor adventure company which offers biking tours in the Arenal area.

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