All of Nature Puts Humans in their Place, Because their Place is in Nature

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Waterfall along Blue River in Costa Rica

Waterfall along Blue River in Costa Rica


All of Nature Puts Humans in their Place, Because their Place is in Nature

One half of the earth’s forests have been lost in the last 300 years.  Tree’s have been cut to built houses.  Whole forest have been cut to clear for pasture lands.  And Costa Rica is no exception.

Although Costa Rica has placed 20% of its land surface under the protection of National Parks and Wildlife Reserves, still trees are being cut to clear the way for large tourism developments.  Big hotels with hundreds of room.  Especially in the NW Pacific  Guanacaste province.   This area has a lot of sunshine all year, more than any other area of Costa Rica.  Therefore, sun worshipers  flock here by the thousands especially December through March when the cold weather in North America is quiet unpleasant.

Tourists come to Costa Rica mostly to be with nature.  The mountains, oceans, rivers,  and abundant  rain forest  draw people here where they experience this tropical paradise.

What is it exactly that makes Costa Rica for appealing?  First is the climate.  Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine.  If you want to be in a cool place go to the mountains and if you want a warm place then go to the beach.  Everything is only a few hours by car and even faster by air.  Costa Rica has two domestic air carriers which fly to all the popular tourist destinations.

Costa Rica has an abundance of water due to the heavy rainfall from May to December.  Everywhere you see waterfalls.  And so many shades of green.

Not all the world has an abundance of water and with 6 billion people on the earth with so many not conserving water, not using it wisely  could lead to a water shortage in some parts of the world.

Do you believe that the human race’s place is in nature?   We would like to hear you comments here at

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