Weather Patterns in Costa Rica’s Pacific Northwest Beaches

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Weather Patterns in Costa Rica’s Pacific Northwest Beaches


In the Pacific Northwest Province of Costa Rica  with it’s beautiful white sandy beaches-there is a severe drought . This area is the COWBOY COUNTRY and the Cattle are suffering due to the lack of water. Scientist say that it is caused by a natural phenomenon called “El Nino”  which seems to wreck it’s havoc approximately every seven years.

El Nino is understood only by scientist. However, a very simple explanation can give us some insight:  El Nino occurs  when the the Pacific Ocean water off the coast of South America rises in temperature and then meets the high air pressure in the western Pacific Ocean.  The results for Costa Rica is that on it’s western Pacific ocean side, there has been much much less rainfall for the year 2014.  The cattle ranchers  are suffering as well as the fisherman who say this causes the fish to die.

El Nino in Spanish means “Christ Child” named because this periodic warming is noted to begin just after Christmas.

On an average year this area of Costa Rica will have rainfall just about every afternoon lasting around two hours during the rainy season which is June thru November.

How does this affect tourism in Costa Rica.  Less rain means more sun and many tourists visiting the Pacific Northwest beaches are looking for sunshine.  So for them this is better.

But for the people who live all year round here, it means less beef is produced so beef prices will rise for the consumer.  Fish prices will rise as well due to the shortage.

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