What’s So Hot About Costa Rica Coffee?

What’s so hot About Costa Rica Coffee?  Those who love coffee swear that it’s impossible to start the day without their favorite ground bean, full bodied-aromatic Costa Rican coffee.  This verdant country is currently the top destination for savvy eco tourists, and is one of the planets most famed coffee producing countries.  Among others  are […]

Coffee “Costa Rica’s Gold”

Coffee “Costa Rica’s Gold” “Starbucks in New York City serves Costa Rican Coffee.” Tourist traveling to Costa Rica have asked me, “What is the best gift I can bring to my relatives and friends back home?”  And I tell them, “Costa Rican Coffee.” The cup of coffee you drink in Costa Rica will be very […]

A Vacation to Costa Rica? Come on Down the Costa Rican Coffee is Great!

A Vacation to Costa Rica? Come on Down the  Costa Rican Coffee is Great! ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT Vacationing in  COSTA RICA IS A GOOD CUP OF COSTA RICAN COFFEE! Are you planning to travel  to Costa Rica, a vacation in Costa Rica? Don’t miss the coffee! The Ticos call the coffee white […]