Starbuck Coffee’s Hacienda Alsacia

Costa Rica welcomes Hacienda Alsacia, Starbuck Coffee’s research farm on the slopes of the Poas Volcano in the province of Alajuela.  This is a six hundred acre coffee farm located 10 km. north of Alajuela, the second largest city which is home to the San Jose International airport.   Gorgeous views of verdant green coffee […]

Why I Love Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America about the size of the state of West Virginia in the USA. People ask me. “Why do you love Costa Rica?”  I replied.  I love Costa Rica for many Reasons.  To begin my story:  In a rural Georgia town called Columbus, located in the deep southern part of […]

Turrialba Volcano is Erupting

Feb 1 2017   Today the volcano made a another huge eruption.  Spraying ash for miles.  Turrialba Volcano is located due east of San Jose, the Capital City of Costa Rica .  The distance is close, only about fifty miles from the capital.  Turrialba Volcano is one of seven volcanoes in Costa Rica but at […]

Chayote is Popular in Costa Rica

Hello from Costa Rica Learn. Learn about Costa Rica’s favorite foods, special events,  Ann’s choice  hotels, and  adventure excursions. My clients are constantly asking me, “What is the most common vegetable that Costa Ricans eat?”  Of course it is Chayote.  A small pear shaped green vegetable that grows on a vine and is finicky to […]

International Day of Women Celebrated in Costa Rica

March 8 2016 is The International Day of Women-celebrated all over the world to give recognition to women’s achievements without regard to culure, color, economics, or politics. In Las Pilas de Alajuela, Costa Rica, we celebrated the life of eighty five year old Lucia Murillo and her fifty year old daughter Xinia Murillo. Shown in […]

Five Reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation?

Hello from Costa Rica Learn.  Here are Five reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation.   1.  visit rainforest.  In Costa Rica there are two kinds of rainforest.  Primary Rainforest which are hundreds of years old and never have been cut. and then there is the secondary rainfrest which  have been cut at one time so […]

What’s So Hot About Costa Rica Coffee?

What’s so hot About Costa Rica Coffee?  Those who love coffee swear that it’s impossible to start the day without their favorite ground bean, full bodied-aromatic Costa Rican coffee.  This verdant country is currently the top destination for savvy eco tourists, and is one of the planets most famed coffee producing countries.  Among others  are […]

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge Organic Farm in Costa Rica’s Rainforest

learn about organic farming at finca luna nueva Lodge in costa rica’s rain forest

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge Organic Farming

My friends Jessica and Grevin and I headed out of Alajuela.  Our destination: Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. (FARM OF THE NEW MOON). We stayed for 2 nights and really that was not long enough! This is a rain forest Lodge located around 1 hour from San Ramon, Costa Rica on the road to La Fortuna […]

What do Costa Ricans Do for New Years?

What do Costa Ricans  Do for New Years? For New Years many Costa Rica will go to the beaches.  They will gather their family together and head for their own personal beach houses or will rent a house on the beach.    On New Years Eve they will celebrate with lots of typical Costa Rican […]