Would You Rather Be a Sloth?

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This is Butercup, rescued at Sloth Refuge, Limon Costa Rica

Would You Rather Be a Sloth?

Sloths live in the Costa Rican Rain Forest and many sloths can be seen on Costa Rica’s  Caribbean Coast. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live the life of a sloth?  Spend your days lazily hanging out on a tree limb and not having to come down unless you want to go to the potty. Having little or no worries, eating the leaves from the trees, and sleeping all day. What a life!

Sloths are endangered so we must help protect them.  Sometimes children on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica hit them with sticks, but the public school system there is trying to teach children about sloths and why they are important to our ecosystem.

Sloths seem so strange because they move so slow and sleep so much..and strangely when in water swim very fast.  They hang out in the tree tops and only come down to urinate or defecate.  And when on land they move very slow, crawling and sliding along on their stomach.

We think they are completely quiet but they are not.  They make a sound like “ha….eeeee”

They birth their babies in the tree tops and the baby hangs onto the mother for about nine months before venturing out on its own.

On the Caribean Cost of Costa Rica is located Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Refuge.  A very interesting place to visit and lean all about sloths and see the sloth babies.  This refuge rescues and protects sick and injured sloths and then returns them to their natural habitat.


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