Will the Real Rosemary Rein Please Stand Up.

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Continuing my series on artist and writers in Costa Rica I would like to highlight Rosemary Rein.

Rosemary is a resident of Costa Rica, along with her husband Barry. Rosemary read a book about Costa Rica and told Barry, “We have to move to Costa Rica, so they followed their dream and did exactly that,  settling in Escazu, a suburb of San Jose, where they live happily with their three dogs.

Rosemary says that they have been extremely happy in Costa Rica.  They love the weather, the warm hospitality of the people, and the more simple lifestyle than they lead back in New York.

So Barry and Rosemary, accustomed to being very active, opened a cafe in Escazu.  After running it for  several years, they  got the itch to try something else.  Which led them to the purchase of a Bed & Breakfast Hotel at Lake Arenal.   After awhile they said, “We came here to retire,  didn’t we?”  So they took some time off and traveled to Argentina which they dearly loved.

In their leisure time, Rosemary and Barry love trekking into the Costa Rica rain forests and jungles. One day Rosemary with her great imagination said to Barry, “The  skills needed to survive  in the jungle are the same skills needed to survive  and thrive in the business world as a leader and a team.  So Rosemary created “Go Wild, Go Great! The Leader/Team Journey From Now to Wow.  What is this?  It is Rosemary’s own unique training seminars on how to improve Customer Service and Sales Performance.  Find out all about it at www.gowildgogreat.com

If that was not enough, Rosemary has also co-authored a book. “The Blueprint for Success”  14  hot ideas for improving your leadership skills, customer service skills, and living a healthier and happy life.  Read all about it on her web site www.gowildgogreat.com.

You may also read Rosemary’s blog at www.rosemaryrein.typepad.com
She  writes fun filled stories about everyday life in Costa Rica.

Rosemary and her husband Barry are feathered in our video “Costa Rica A Travel Adventure Spectacular“. They talk about their life in Costa Rica, why they  choose Costa Rica and why they love it.

Rosemary holds a Ph.D in Human Resource Development.

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