Weather at Arenal Volcano National Park in June, July August?

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Arenal Volcano

Weather at Arenal Volcano National Park in June, July August?

If you are planning a vacation to the Arenal Volcano National Park,  Costa Rica  and surrounding area in June, July, or August, then you need to know the weather patterns in those months.

The area in generally  is a rainy area (more than the central valley or Guanacaste)  That is why it is so incredible beautiful, all green with crops of papaya, pineapples,  yucca, and ornamental flower farms.  The rain is very unpredictable here most all the time year round.  However, in the month of March the rainfall is less.

So should I go there anyway on my vacation?  Yes, you should go.  Get up early  in the a.m.  Sun rises at 5:30.  This is best time to see the Arenal Volcano summit and its massive gulps of smoke and fiery red rock rolling down it’s side.  Cloud cover which tends to hover over the top of the volcano does not appear most of the time until later in the morning. Also this is best time to see all the colorful tropical birds and hear the howler monkeys out there in the  rain forest.  So pack your rain jacket and umbrella and have yourself a great vacation here at Arenal Volcano National Park!

If you have a good story about your visit to Arenal Volcano National Park  and La Fortuna  in  June, July, or August I’d love to share it with my readers.  It’s fun and educational for them to read other tourist stories.   just click on comment or click on reply at the end of the post.

P.S. The hundreds of colorful tropical flowering plants you see in this area are here because of  the weather heavy rainfall, rich soil, and strong tropical sunshine.

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