What Do the Real Costa Ricans do To Celebrate The New Year?

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What Do the Real Costa Ricans do To Celebrate The New Year?

The Real Costa Ricans head to the beaches to celebrate New Years.  They go by car, by bus, and even by horse.  They stay in the expensive hotels, modest hotels, family owned beach houses, and even in tents.   The beaches all over Costa Rica belong to the all people of Costa Rica.  So go to a popular beach on New Year’s eve and you may see tents pitched under palm trees. With homemade barbecue grills set up and the smell of roasted pork is in the air.  And Costa Ricans love to drink their beer with pork.  The local beer is called Imperial.  For a reason it is given the name Imperial.  Yes, you guessed it, because the Costa Ricans say even the royal families of the world love Costa Rica’s beer!  And it’s gaiety and party time with the music of the Latin beat in the air and both young and old dancing salsa and meringue.

In the central valley of  San Jose and Alajuela for those who choose to stay home, it’s  fireworks!   From a mountainside villa one can see the midnight sky light  up with hundreds of colorful fireworks.

Yes,  it’s family time as people travel long distances to be with their relatives, often whom they see only once a year.  It’s roasted pork, home made tamales,  and Costa Rica’s Imperial Beer.

Yes, Costa Ricans make New Year’s Resolutions.  Could it be that one of the resolutions is to be more aware of time and get to appointments and etc. on time.  Don’t think so.

But hey, life in Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” so why rock the boat in a place that “life is good”

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