What About Bullfights in Costa Rica?


Bullfighting has a different meaning here in Costa Rica. These Bullfights  are called toros a la Tica. 

There are plenty of wacky events in Costa Rica, but none tops the toros a la Tica. Basically dozens of individuals get in a bull ring and a 1,000-pound fighting bull is released into the crowd.

The object is to display bravery without ending up on the horns of the bull.

The most popular of this sport (?) just split into two sections. One remains at the Zapote fairgrounds while another has begun at the Pedregal events area. Both are in the Central Valley and both have 10-day runs beginning Christmas Day.

More than 150 persons are injured each year in Zapote alone, according to Cruz Roja statistics. Some have to be hospitalized. Event staffers are not immuned. One man who has worked in and around the bull ring at Zapote for 20 years became the victim of a bull just after Christmas. He was caught off-guard, chased and trampled by a bull. The outcome was four broken ribs and the red mark of a hoof on his back.

Sometimes there is a death. The voluntary participants are required to have medical insurance. Of course, the bulls are not harmed.

These human-bull encounters are not restricted to the Christmas season. Most fairs throughout the year feature this type of event. Sometimes they are mixed with traditional bull riding.

The contests are lucrative for organizers. There are television rights and international sales. In addition, spectators pay up to $50 a seat to watch young men and even some women be mauled by bulls.

Various animal rights groups have protested, but toros a la Ticas is so popular there has been little movement to end it. In one afternoon six or more bulls might follow each other in trying to skewer Costa Rican.

The Zapote bull event is a concession sold by the Municipalidad de San José. For those who miss it or who want more, similar encounters take place at the Palmares fiesta in mid-January and then periodically at local festivals all year.

Organizers spice up the event with musical groups and money prizes for participants.

Ann Cabezas Creed , vacation planner for Costa Rica says:  Why go to a Costa Rica Bullfight?  First-It is something to experience that is very much Costa Rican Culture.  The bulls are huge and mean so it makes for a lot of excitement when the bull is allowed in the ring with several small young guys.  These kids run for their life when the bull charges!  The bull snorts and kicks the dirt and charges toward the young kid.  Serious wounds often occur when the bull’s horns enter the body of the young fighter.

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