Weather in Guanacaste Northwest Pacific Beaches in the Rainy Season

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Hacienda Pinilla Beach,  NW  Pacific Guanacaste

Hacienda Pinilla Beach, NW Pacific Guanacaste

Weather in Guanacaste Northwest Pacific Beaches in the Rainy Season

I am planning a vacation  to Costa Ricas Northwest Pacific beaches in July.  What is the weather like in Guanacaste’s Northwest Beaches in the rainy season?  I hear it rains a lot at that time of the year.

Answer:  No it does not rain a lot.  Guanacaste is Costa Rica’s driest province.  During the rainy season in Costa Rica which is May through November,  Guanacaste receives much less rain fall than the other areas of Costa Rica.

So what should I expect?  In the mornings you will get the beautiful tropical sunshine.  And in the afternoons a thunder storm which is great to watch.  The bolts of lightening light up the sky like fireworks on the fourth of July.  But these thunder storms are brief and in a sense they are welcomed to cool the air.

What is the temperature like?  It is warm.  And can get to 80F in mid day when the sun is overhead, but the afternoon showers  ,although brief-cool things down.  And the nights are very pleasant.  Hotels on the NW Pacific beaches have air conditioning.

So you recommend the NW Pacific Beaches in the rainy season.   Yes I recommend them.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Please send me your short story of your special  beach vacation on the  NW Pacific beaches in the rainy season.  I would love to share it.    Or simply send your comments.   click on comment at the end of the post or click on reply.

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