Vacationing in Costa this Winter? Planning to Rent a Car?

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Vacationing in Costa Rica this Winter?  Planning to Rent a Car?

If  you are planning to rent a car on your vacation to Costa Rica,  I invite you to go to my categories-on page one – and click on   RENT A CAR IN COSTA RICA .  It is located  towards the bottom of the category list.   Here you can find the articles I have written on “Tips on Renting a Car in Costa Rica”   Also read my article on  “Renting a Car in Costa Rica-Saving Time and Money”  All of this is invaluable information that will be very helpful to you.

I highly recommend you reserve your car from your home country.  Don’t wait until you get to Costa Rica.   If you are planning to drive outside the central valley of San Jose and Alajuela I recommend that you rent a 4×4 vehicle.  Because some of the roads in the outlying areas are not in great shape.  You may encounter potholes and unpaved roads.

If you want to rent a minivan I recommend Toyota Rental Agency.

For all other types of vehicles there are many agencies located near the two international airports of Costa Rica.  Juan Santa Maria International near San Jose, the capital city and also Liberia International located in the northern part of Costa Rica  (in Guanacaste).

Car rental prices are quite high in Costa Rica  ( you can compare prices on the Internet) and gasoline is expensive, around $3.50 a gallon.  (In Costa Rica it is sold by the liter).  You can save a lot of money by getting the collision part of the insurance before you leave your home country through you major credit card.  I write extensively about this on my blog article under the category “Rent a Car In Costa Rica”   Please refer to that article.

People often ask me.  Should I rent a car on my vacation in Costa Rica?  And I say yes.  It is a very good way to travel at your own pace and see a lot of countryside you would not see otherwise.

The major tourist destinations in Costa Rica are easily accessible by car and most of the roads are good  (some few sections in the outlying areas have potholes).  The care rental company should provide you with a road map which is easy to follow  If you get confused in the small towns which do not have good road signs-just stop and ask.  Costa Ricans are very friendly and helpful and usually speak enough English to help you out.

Read my article on safety tips when renting a car which is located also under the category “Renting a Car in Costa Rica”

I hope this is very helpful information for you.  Please go to contact us if you are in need of further help with your efforts to rent a car on your vacation to Costa Rica.  We have organized costaricalearn so that you can search by category. So you can read about the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica simply by clicking on the category you are interested in.  Plus read about the history, culture, food, and many other aspects of Costa Rica by selecting the category.

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