Costa Rica Spotlight: Unusual Flowering Plants of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica

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rare "fan" bromeliad

rare “fan” bromeliad

carnivoras plant, eats insects

carnivoras plant, eats insects

rare orchid "species stamnopea wardi"

rare orchid “species stamnopea wardi”



Costa Rica Spotlight:  Unusual Flowering Plants of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Spotlight: The La Paz Waterfall Gardens, now open, is not only about waterfalls.  It is about exotic and unusual flowering plants.

Lets start with the orchid species stamnopea wardi or “torito” .  This orchid pictured above is rare orchid species and  blooms only once a year in the month of July, and the bloom lasts only one week.   It has a smell, which is uncommon for an orchid.  It smells like vanilla, mint, and chocolate.  Costa Rica is home to ten different species of this rare and exotic flowering plant.

Also I was enchanted with a plant that is carnivorous (eats insects).  Pictured above, this plant holds water inside its bell shaped blooms.  The unlucky insect enters to drink  water and never comes out again!

La Paz Waterfall Gardens has an extensive collection of miniature orchids which I was unable to photograph because I don’t have the telephoto lens.  These orchids were really tiny, so small that I had to look really hard to see their blooms.

A special treat is the many species of bromeliads, in all shapes and colors.

For the orchid and exotic plant lover, this area of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens is not to be missed!

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