Typical Costa Rican Food

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Casada-typical plate of Costa Rica

Typical Costa Rican Food as experienced by my friend Jack who also writes a travel blog.

The Great Culinary of Costa Rica-Typical Costa Rican food. In Costa Rica it’s really interesting how the people cook well,  but with simple recipes. The dishes are basically made with rice, beans, maize, vegetables and bananas! The famous and delicious bananas! Most of the time, this basics recipes are complemented with fish, beef or chicken. One of the cheapest foods in Costa Rica is basically this, in most cases that’s the lunch meal and it’s amazing! The name is Casada. A plate with simple Costa Rican Food– rice, black beans, platanos topped with fresh sour cream,  shredded cabbage, and a meat such as chicken, beef, or fish.  And a fresh fruit drink.
In some places the breakfast is what they call “Gallo Pinto“, a really good meal with the rice and  beans of one day before mixed and milled. The dish counts too with some eggs, corn tortillas and cream sauce. In some places the dish comes also with cilantro, bell pepper and onion a little bit fried.  It’s really good! And as a finish point sometimes they include one local sauce that is called Salsa Lizano and gives that special touch to the recipe.
The  Costa Rican coffee is always a drink  at the breakfast,  also they have the água dulce (with a dark yellow sugar) and the marvelous fresh natural juices. There is a rumor about the country that you shouldn’t drink too much juice or things like that in some places, mostly with ice, because the ice may not be made from filtered water, but the truth is that ANY juice in Costa Rica is really good, and in a general way they are safe to drink, so don’t worry!
Costa Rica has other typical and really great dishes, such as the following ones:
Arroz Guacho: a kind of rice cooked in a way that becames sticky;
Higado en Salsa: a kinf of beef liver in Sauce –
Escaveche: kind of chicken with a different marinaide vinagrette sauce;
Papas con Chorizo: really good chorizo sausage with potatoes;
Barbudos: a great and different omelet of beans;
Mondongo: minced beans  with beef.
More than this dishes you can experiment the tapas, hmm!! You have the following ones: Platanos Maduros, Platanos Asados, Pejibayes, Picadillo de Chayote con Elote, Picadillo de Papaya Verde and Picadillo de Vainicas.
And at last, you can experiment this dishes in some street markets Saturdays! The country has some restaurants of international food, since the Brazilian till the Spanish and oriental, if you don’t like the marvelous Costa Rican food you can also opt any others.
I’m from Brazil, and i love to travel! I love the Costa Rica Learn Blog and everytime i have the opportunity i follow all the tips! My blog is : http://journeytown.net/  mostly about travelling but i also enjoy cooking and restaurantes so if you are from Brazil and enjoy this i also recommend this website: http://www.janamesa.com.br/  . Sometimes I find some

Fresh Mangos

great places with different international food, and some are really similar to the Costa Rican!!!
Best regards to all the readers of Costa Rica Learn and to the sweet Ann, that negotiate this marvelous partnership with me and my blog!!
Jack, From Brazil

The first photo is of a typical Costa Rican lunch plate called “Casada”  rice, black beans, fried plaintan, shredded beef,  cabbage and beet salad,  tortilla, picadilla de papas (potatoes chopped with onions and salsa lizano)

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