Travel Tip: What is the best month to Vacation in Costa Rica and Why?

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Travel Tip:  What is the best month to Vacation in  Costa Rica and Why?

The best month to vacation in Costa Rica is the month of February.  Why?  Because the weather is simply gorgeous.  There is little or no rain, the flowers are in full bloom, as well as the flowering trees.

The warm winds are  blowing.  And the nights are star studded and the moon glows.  You can almost read a book in the moonlight.

The beaches are beautiful, filled with sunshine and gorgeous sunsets.   The water is blue green and warm to swim.   There are lots of tourist which adds vitality and life to the beach destinations.

The restaurants have plenty of tourist business so they hire the better chefs during this time of  year, making the food indeed gourmet.

February also is the time for many annual cultural events in Costa Rica such the colorful oxcart parade held in San Antonio de Escazu  to commemorate the colorful oxcarts used in agriculture to haul coffee and  sugarcane.  These oxcarts date back to the 1800’s when the only way to get the coffee from the central valley, across the mountains to the port of Puntarenas was by oxcart pulled by big and strong oxen.

Another large annual event is held in Palmares,  about thirty minutes north of  the San Jose international airport of Juan Santa Maria, on highway one or better known as the InterAmerican highway.  It’s probably the biggest fair in Costa Rica.  There are so many festivities such Costa Rican style bullfights,  rodeos,  a craft fair, food galore (all typical Costa Rican)  and it’s where you come to watch people.  The young and old dress their best.  Families come together bringing their small children to ride the colorful  Ferris Wheel and the old fashioned Merry Go Round.

So when the weather is cold, bleak, and dreary up north head south and have a great vacation in

Sunny Day in February, Pristine Guanacaste Beach

Sunny Day in February, Pristine Guanacaste Beach

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