Thinking about Retiring in Costa Rica


Thinking about Retiring in Costa Rica
If you are considering retirement in Costa Rica, the first question you ask yourself is: Where do I Live-What area would I feel good about to purchase Real Estate or to rent a house or apartment?

The central valley is the most popular for many reasons: 1. Geographically it is a valley, surrounded by mountains, and because the elevation is around 3,000 feet above sea level-the weather is cool and spring like all year round. 2. its rich in culture, and 3. economic activities dominate the scene.

San Jose, the capital city is located here. It is the center of the Federal government and it is home to dozens of upscale hotels and restaurants, museums, and tree lined parks. Also, the city is buzzing with business activity.

The National Theatre, a copy of the beautiful Paris Opera house is the center piece of cultural life. Most every week-end Costa Ricans flock here to experience opera, theater, ballet, and pop concerts.

Most foreigners choose not to live in the central part of San Jose, due to the noise and pollution from hundreds of vehicles. Also crime is a consideration.

The suburbs of Escazu and Santa Ana as well as Heredia are very popular spots for retirees to settle. There are beautiful homes, condos, and apartments to choose from and lots of English speaking expatriots to make friends with, and so many social clubs and activities one cannot possibably become involved in all of them. Shopping is like living in the USA..Pricemart, Office max, …etc. Grocery stores like Auto Mercado carry prodoucts from US.

If you want to get “away from the crowd” you can settle in Grecia or Atenas, smaller towns or “villages” where life is much simpler. Many North American have settled here and love the quiet. The Ticos (local Costa Ricans) are easy going, hepful, and welcome new English speaking

The beaches of Costa Rica are beautiful with tropical settings and blue waters. But you have to be the type of person who really wants the “beach life style” The beaches are not very accessible by car from San Jose and the central valley, because the roads are not in good repair. North American products are not found in the grocery stores in the rural beach areas, and large shopping malls, movie theatres, and fast food restaurants are not found either. Quiet unlike beach resorts in the US.
However if you are a can find gorgeous golf courses on many of the upscale properties along the Northern and Central Pacific coasts.

The south part of Costa Rica is still a bit unexplored. Property costs less to purchase here, but again you are “off the beaten path”. But some people like that and are up for the adventure of setting in this “new frontier”

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