Squatter Problems with your Costa Rica Property!


Squatter Problems with your Costa Rica Property!
Travel Costa Rica and take my advice:  Don’t buy a piece of land or a house and leave it unattended. What’s the problem: Squatters (in Spanish= precaista).

First, if you buy a property which has a Tico house on it with a family living in it, check the following-Ask the seller for the documents proving that these people are employed by him under a written contract for living on the property and taking care of it. Have your Costa Rican attorney go over this contract. If you keep these people on as your employees have your lawyer draw an employment contract and you keep receipts of when and how you pay them. (also make sure the previous employer paid all the compensations due  to these people you are employing….before you sign the purchase agreement on the property :  Do this before you  make the  new contract with these people you are planning to allow to remain living on the property.

Generally, the problem with squatters is agricultural land, but not always. Prevention is the important factor. Remember is do not leave your property unattended. If you have to leave the country for awhile, hire someone to live on the property (under a written contract)

Squatters have rights in Costa Rica!  Check in with  your attorney on the exact legal rights of squatters!!

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