Transportation Options Within Costa Rica

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Transportation Options Within Costa Rica

Are you planning to travel to Costa Rica  and want to know what are your options for transportation within the country. Public bus transportation within Costa Rica very good, and goes to most towns within the country.

Go online for public bus schedules

Also:  Interbus -private shuttle bus service to most popular tourist areas

Also: Grayline Fantacy Bus-private bus shuttle service   (search google for how to contact them)

Fly:    Fly Sansa is a Domestic company which flies twin engine small planes -18 passengers-within Costa Rica (out of the Juan Santa Maria internatioinal airport located near San Jose-Alajuela area.)  Luggage limit is 25 lbs. per person.  This is a private company- a very old Costa Rican company which is now owned and operated by Grupo Taca.   for flight schedules and prices.

Nature Air This is a private company flying within Costa Rica – out of a different airport than Sansa.  This airport is a small one located near Pavas (about 8 miles from the big international airport)  luggage limit is 25 lbs. per person.  for schedules and fares

Vehicle Rentals:  Many Many  car rental agencies in Costa Rica. I could never list them all here.  You can rent from mini vans to SUV to smaller cars.   Please read my March 2009 post  “Travel Costa Rica by Rental Car Essential Information”

Taxi-  The red taxi is the official Government regulated  taxi.  They have meters, however you should ask “how much to x place?)  A Taxi can be hired for day trips and other destinations thru out Costa Rica.  But remember gasoline is $3.50 a gallon so could be costly depending on the distance.

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