The Oaks Condominiums Tamarindo Costa Rica

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If you are planning a vacation to Costa Rica’s  NW Guanacaste Beaches and want a beautiful reasonably priced place to stay I can recommend The Oaks Condominiums Tamarindo Costa Rica.   The location is perfect because of the short driving distance to several of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. Flamingo Beach is one of these beaches and considered the most beautiful long stretch of white sand beach in Cost Rica.  Also, you are  approx ten minutes drive into the little town of Tamarindo which has over fifty restaurants from around the world and numerous unique gift shops.  Most importantly The Oaks Condominiums at Tamarindo are only forty five minutes drive from Cost Rica’s second international airport located in Costa Rica’s northern zone near the small town of  Liberia  and given the name Liberia International airport.  So try to purchase your air tickets into and out of this airport.

Why choose a condo to rent rather than a hotel?  If you are two couples OR  one couple with children, the size of the Oaks Condominiums Tamarindo is perfect.  Built on  one level,  each  has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a kitchen.

The surroundings provide a unique eco system:  mostly sunny days and breezy nights.  Welcomed afternoon thunder showers arriving  in the months of June through December give you a sense of being immersed in the natural  beauty of the tropics. Late afternoons a gorgeous sunset over the blue waters of the Pacific welcomes the star studded night.  You do not feel crowded as if you were in the hustle and bustle of Tamarindo Town.    Wild life is abundant: IMG_3601 howler monkeys, humming birds, iguanas.  Also visit the orchid garden located on the property.  The  three swimming pools are large and one is a lap pool. All very relaxing  because you are in a natural setting of warm tropical sunshine and clear blue waters of the pacific. 

Dogs are allowed in the condos but must be pre approved . A special area is designated to walk the  dog and allow the dog to play.

 Unique day excursions in the area: Drive to Rincon de la Vieja National Park or purchase a day tour. Here you see many small active geysers, quick sand beds,  and large three hundred year old trees in a tropical rainforest.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park.  you will need a naturalist guide to explore this park.

Tropical forests, including sections of montane and dwarf cloud forest, span the park’s base, providing safe haven for a host of flora and fauna. Mammals include pumas, jaguar, monkeys-howler, spider, and white-faced-kinkajous, sloths, and tapirs. The east side of the park is exposed to Atlantic trade winds bringing a large amount of rainfall. A drenching 200 inches (500 cm) is liable to fall in any given year, covering the mountainside with lush vegetation. Conversely, the Pacific side has a distinct dry season-February to April-making it ideal for visitors wanting to hike the higher elevations.

Trails stem from the Santa Maria ranger station and zigzag their way through the park, covering over 5,000 vertical feet (1,525 m). A sulfuric hot spring is 3 km up the trail from the ranger station, allowing visitors to relax in its naturally heated pools and then cool off in a nearby stream. In close proximity, a trail reveals a number of adjoining waterfalls with perfect swimming holes. Bubbling pools of mud can be found an additional 3 km beyond the hot springs where visitors can observe Rincon de la Vieja’s powerful geological forces at work. Las Pailas ranger station is a short distance away, offering visitors a chance to spend the night at the adjacent campgrounds.

Ambitious trekkers ( should not attempt without a naturalist guide) may elect to hike to the volcano’s summit, a somewhat rigorous all-day endeavor, but certainly worth the effort (*). The trail traverses several life zones and distinct ecosystems as it climbs higher up the mountainside. Starting from Las Pailas, the trail curves its way to Von Seebach, which spits geothermal steam into the air as if to warn that an eruption is immanent. This 6 mile (10 km) trail ascends through montane tropical forest, eventually giving way to dwarf cloud forest. The steaming crater lays a half-mile (0.6 km) beyond the last vestiges of shrubbery, through a gauntlet of volcanic talus. With luck, clear skies will reveal an uninhibited view of endless country-virtually the whole of Costa Rica-including both coasts and the shimmering sea beyond.

you can enter the main gate of this park with a naturalist guide (pre arranged by Ann, the Costa Rica Expert)  Hike takes approx 2.5 hours where you see most all the small geysers, quick sand beds, and large old growth rainforest trees.   This hike is at the base of the volcano.  Not all way to the summit.

Bird lovers:  Palo Verde National Park is the feeding  ground for hundreds of migratory birds traveling from North America to South America.

Culture Tour: Day tour to Guaitil Pottery Town  Here indigenous people of this region make beautiful pottery which can be purchased.

Other adventure activities in the area.You can experience zip lines  (Tarzan swing), take surfing lessons, go snorkeling, ATV tours, horseback riding along the beach, and simply just enjoy the beach atmosphere.  Ann ,the Costa Rica Expert,  can arrange these tours for you.  Weather is nice here all year round.  No rain or dry season, lots of sunshine, although rains in afternoon around 3 pm in the months of June, July, August.  The afternoon thunder storms are spectacular as well as the beautiful sunsets over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean..

If you would like to include the Tamarindo beach area in your vacation to Costa Rica and wish to stay at the Oaks Condominiums, and get a good deal on a rental car or a private driver..please contact Ann, the Costa Rica Expert.  She owns “The Costa Rica Learn Adventure Travel Agency”  specializing in individualized Costa Rica vacation planning.  Visit Ann at

More info here and photos of The Oaks Condominiums Tamarindo


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