The Mojito, Costa Rica’s Famous Rum Drink

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No one call tell you better than Marina Villatoro, the Travel Experta  about this wonderful drink made with rum called the Mojito.


Hey you cocktailers! Welcome to the monthly International Cocktail Hour – Drinks ‘Round the World. Your two lovely hostesses Lifecruiser and Travel Experta(Me) are super happy to have you here.And guess what – this round is on us!!!!!Today I want to share my absolute favorite, hands down, drink in the whole wide World – the Mojito! I can’t even tell you how much I love this drink.

Since I live in Costa Rica, I’ve figured I’ll try a little Costa Rican flavor to yummy up my Mojito. Instead of the customary Cuban rum, I’ve added Cacique – Guaro to the mix. And so far, I’m loving it!

So here’s one on me!


1.25 oz Cacique – Guaro
12 mint leaves
1 tbsp brown sugar
freshly squeezed lime juice

2 oz water

Shake It Up!
Get out your favorite cocktail glasses and stick them in the fridge for a cooler effect.

In a cocktail mixer pour in the Guaro (or rum), water, lime juice and crushed ice. Now shake it up!

Take out the glasses, throw in the mint leaves and mash it around to get the juice out, now pour and enjoy.
Your turn! What’s your drink specia

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