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The Great Green macaw is back in Costa Rica and can be found in the southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.  Here these birds live in the rain forest and feed from the almonds of the mountain almond trees.   The ARA project, a non profit organization, established to conserve the great green as well as the scarlet macaws has its home in the southern Caribbean region of Costa Rica.  It is staffed by several biologist and other volunteers who work to breed these birds and then release them into the wild.   You can volunteer at the ARA project.  To find out about how to do this go to their web site.    Keep in mind that Costa Rica is a tropical country and the southern Caribbean region is very rainy and hot.  Here you will find many species of tropical creatures such as snakes, and scorpions.  Also four different species of monkeys, sloths, and hundreds of different species of flora, fauna, and tropical birds.  This is an ecotourism paradise.

Or to watch a great video  showing these beautiful birds go the world wide web and type in

Great Green Macaw in Costa rica

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