The Dry Season is just Beginning in Costa Rica


The Dry Season is just Beginning in Costa Rica

Dry Season Costa Rica is now beginning and it’s a great time to take a vacation to Costa Rica.

The dry season in Costa Rica is considered to be the middle of December through March. This is a lovely time to visit Costa Rica.  The rain has stopped and the flowers are all in bloom because the sun shines all day long.  From around five thirty in the morning until five thirty in the afternoon, a full twelve hours.

It’s a great time to visit the beaches.  The water is warm and the skies are blue.

More tourist are in Costa Rica during these months and there is gaiety in the air, with a lot of activity in the best tourist destinations.

Also the dry season is when Costa Rica holds it’s best festivals.  The annual oxcart parade in the old town of San Antonio de Escazu, the first week of March is a “don’t miss festival”.  Also the horse parade or “tope in Alajuela” is held  around the first week of March with one thousand horses participating and the riders dress their best.
So if you are visiting at this time be sure to stop by Alajuela for this opportunity to see the Andalusian horses.

Many small towns have week end festivities such as bull fights and rodeos. In Costa Rica the bull is let loose in the ring and young men actually get into the ring with the bull.  The bull chases the young men around the ring.  Most of the time it’s a comical affair but occasionally the bull actually does harm to the participate.  That is why a ambulance is stationed just outside the bull ring.

The weather in December, January, and February is cool and breezy but by March is is getting very warm and by April it is actually hot, but then the rains come and cool everything off.

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