Great Arenal Tours-Sunset Tour Company Located at Base of Arenal Volcano

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Aerial Tram Arenal volcano


Great  Arenal Tours Sunset Tour Company Located  at Base of Arenal Volcano

Vacationing in the Arenal Volcano area?  Great  tours are offered by Sunset Tours, conveniently located on the square in La Fortuna, which is a small town at the base of Arenal Volcano.

Sunset Tours provides first class service with well trained English speaking guides. You are picked up and dropped off  at your hotel door.

Ken and I  arrived for our 3 day stay at Arenal Observatory Lodge and we picked Sunset Tours for the activities we choose to do.   My  personal choice was the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge tour which is a full day tour  with  a delicious Costa Rican lunch included.   We were there in late December at the end of  Costa Rica’s rainy season and the lagoons around the Rio Frio were filled with so many birds which stop here for the feeding grounds.   We saw several different kinds of storks,  herons, ibis, cormorants,  and ducks.  so many birds I cant remember all the names.  These birds are migratory and travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere and can be seen in Costa Rica’s Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge starting around end of November and continue till end of February when the lagoons dry up and there is no longer a food source for the birds.   The boat ride down the Rio Frio river was great, we were also able to see white face monkeys eating palm dates high in the tree tops, plus several  really huge crocodiles.  The route from  our lodge to the Rio Frio  was very scenic.  This is pineapple country with miles and miles of pineapple farms.  Best time of the year to take this out:  December through end of February when most of the migratory birds are in the lagoons.

The other tour we choose was the SKY  which I HIGHLY  recommend.  We were lifted through the rain forest in the “Sky Tram” all enclosed in glass so we could see everything outside which was  so many species of trees which seem to reach the sky .  And a family of howler monkeys, a mother with her 2 babies.  At the top we could see  a clear view of the Arenal volcano spewing fire out it’s summit, so close it seemed we could reach out and touch it.    And the very large Arenal Lake with fishing boats glistening in the sunlight.   Then we were strapped in the gear for the zip line.  One, two, three, go!  And off we went swinging from tree top to tree top,  probably one of the most exciting and adventurous things I have done in my life!

Finally at the bottom we took a walk to the butterfly garden filled with blue Morpho Butterflies.

By the time we returned to the Arenal observatory Lodge we were ready for a rest!  And a delicious Costa Rican lunch.  And then a dip in the hot tub..what more could one ask for?

Check out all the exciting adventure tours offered by Sunset Tours at their web site.

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