Stop the World and Let Me Off In Costa Rica

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Stop the World and Let Me Off In Costa Rica

Live a simple life in Costa Rica.

Time is passing faster than the hands of a clock can rotate around its face.  I want to stop the clock, stop the passage of time.  Live in the moment.

Yes, live in the moment.  Live a simple life of leisure in Costa Rica  free of the mounting stress of day to day existence.

I came to retire in Costa Rica, live in a remote mountainous region of Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is a  tiny country in the middle of a long stretch of land leading from southern Mexico to northern Panama.  Here the trees are giants with outstretched arms covering vast mountainsides with streams as wide and deep seemingly as river they flow into.  Here people live 100 years in simplicity, free from the modern world of cells phones, fast cars, laptop computers,  fast food,  and divided families. Here there is a sense of community in harmony with nature.

I came to live off the land, build a house of wood, and help my neighbors.  I built the house of wood, planted a garden, established a vineyard, and yes,  helped my neighbors.

We planted trees, built a new school, recruited a  young doctor, and established a small clinic.

The summer rains came.  But only in the late of the day after the tropical sun had warmed everything beneath it.

This is a unique place where I awake to the songs of birds and the smell of  pure mountain air.

A True Sanctuary of the Mind!

If you would also like to get off in Costa Rica,   Ann welcomes your comments and questions.  At end of the post  click on comments  (although it may say no comments)

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