Spotlight Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, A Jewel on the Caribbean, Samasati

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"Tranquility"  The Sea Shore on Costa Rica's Caribbean

“Tranquility” The Sea Shore on Costa Rica’s Caribbean

Spotlight Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, A Jewel on the Caribbean, Samasati


Situated within a two hundred and fifty acre nature retreat is Samasati Yoga and Nature Retreat, located Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean Coast near the small town of Puerto Viejo.   What is the meaning of this word Samasati?   “Remember that every human being has the capacity to obtain the highest level of consciousness”.  These were the last words spoken by the ancient Indian mystic,  Gautam , “The Buddha”

Samasati has it all: Dense jungles with lush rain forest filled with Toucans, sloths, and howler monkeys.  And also the sea shore of the beautiful Caribbean.  Pale sandy beaches lined with palm trees swinging in the tropical breeze.

Samasati  Yoga and Nature Retreat is  that perfect tropical jewel where you can come and experience yoga or come for you honeymoon if you desire a retreat into the healing and rejuvenating power of nature thru  quietness and tranquility.  Their packages are very reasonably priced and transportation is provided from the San Jose International Airport.

The setting of Samasati is on a hillside overlooking the tropical rain forest and the Caribbean Sea.

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To learn all about Samasati Yoga and nature Retreat including beautiful photos of the retreat and the lush rain forest surrounding go to  the following web site

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