Some More Costa Rica History: Revolutions

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Costa Rica's flag

Some More Costa Rica History: Revolutions

A Plurp of Costa Rica’s History

Costa Rica today is a social democracy with presidential elections held every four years.  The present constitution was adopted in 1949, and provides for a set of checks and balances.  At that time the military was abolished and a civil police force was formed.

But has Costa Rica ever had any revolutions?   In 1917  Federico Tinoco  (1883-1919)   over threw the government and took over the presidency under a new constitution.   In 1919 revolutionaries ousted Tinoco.  Julio Acosta  (1872-1954) became the new leader and under him  and his successors,  for many years Costa Rica  was  a democratic and orderly Central American Republic.

Otilio Ulate won the presidential election in 1948 , but the national assembly refused to allow him to take office.  Colonel Jose Figueres led a revolt to support Ulate and took over the government.  In 1949 Ulate was inaugurated as president.

In the 1950s Costa Rica nationalized its banks and began to develop land and industry with government assistance.

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