Sardimar Tuna, Best Canned Tuna in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica's famous Sardimar tuna

Costa Rica’s famous Sardimar tuna

Sardimar Tuna, Best Canned Tuna in Costa Rica

“Costa Rica’s Tuna is some of the best in the world.”

Just want to share with you one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.  It’s the Sardimar canned tuna found in all of Costa Rica’s grocery stores .  The yellow fin tuna and black fin tuna  is caught in the Pacific waters from the northern Pacific all the way down to the Southern Pacific.

Sardimar  S.A. is the name of the company located in Puntarenas on the western central Pacific coast.  I recommend   lomo in trocitos en aceite.  Translated into English this means hunks of tuna cut up into little bite pieces and mixed in soya oil.

It makes a great tuna salad.  Finely chopped fresh onion, mixed with Lizano mayonnaise and chopped jalapeno peppers from a can , simple but delicious!  I serve it on a bed of lettuce or make  a sandwich with my favorite bread-Bimbo multigrano.  This bread has five different grains.  1. Centeno, a rice grain 2. ajonjoli which is sesame seed 3.avena which is  oats  4. trigo which is wheat  5. cebada-a white grain larger than a grain of rice.  Bimbo muligrano bread is found in the larger grocery stores in Costa Rica such as Mas Por Menos or Auto Mercado.  I have found Bimbo integral in the smaller neighborhood grocery stores  know in Costa Rica as pulperias.

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