Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

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Animal Sanctuary "Baby Mimi"

Animal Sanctuary “Baby Mimi”

Rancho Margot Bungalow

Rancho Margot Bungalow



Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

Let’s travel to Costa Rica to the Arenal volcano area and visit Rancho Margot.  Rancho Margot is a self sustaining organic farm located near the Arenal  Lake with  great views of the Arenal volcano.  This is indeed a unique experience for tourist in Costa Rica.  It is  400 acres of rain forest  and borders the Children’s  Eternal  Rain forest  of Monteverde.  Juan Sostheim and his family bought the property and  turned it into a working ranch where everything is grown organically.  Electricity is generated on the property by a turbine driven by water power.  Internet and cell phones service comes  from satellite.  A string wide  river runs through the middle of the property.  The Sostheim family welcomes  tourist and have 10 beautiful bungalows and a bunk house to house their guest.  You can take a tour of the ranch and learn how things are run.  You visit the organic garden,  see the cows and pigs,  plant a tree, take a horseback ride to the highest point on the property.  Here you see the beautiful Lake Arenal as well as the Arenal volcano.  You see toucans and howler monkeys.  Also, there is a yoga center on the property l0cated on the banks of the river.

We stayed two nights and three days and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was the month of July and we got rainy afternoons with big thunderstorms and lightening which was great.  Mornings were sunny and pleasant.  There is a pet toucan down by the restaurant.  He lives in a very large wired area.  I had never seen a toucan up close like that.

Rancho Margot is like a botanical garden with all sorts tropical flowers and plants.  Just strolling around the bungalows was a delight.  You really feel like you are in the jungle.  Early morning we were awakened by the sounds of howler monkeys  near by.

Juan showed us the school buses he ordered on  E Bay and they actually were delivered to Costa Rica!  Juan had them painted jungle green with colorful birds all over them.  Quite a sight!  These buses are used to transport the guest from La Fortuna over to Rancho Margot, about a 20 minute ride.

Juan  also has an animal rescue station right on the property.  He showed us a small monkey which had been brought to the station the day before.  It had been hit by some school kids, and later rescued and brought to the Juan and his staff.  They had several other monkeys which were being nursed as well as two baby deer.

Juan explained that their overall mission is to protect and preserve the  rain forest.  They bring local school children to the ranch and teach them about protecting  and preserving the rain forest.   Tourism was incorporated into the project to help raise funds to run the operation.  It is a lucky tourist who gets to experience Rancho Margot.  It is indeed a unique place!    You can find them on the web  www.ranchomargot.org  and find out all the details if you want to visit the ranch.

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Where is Rancho Margot located? Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal,  La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

How to get to Rancho Margot ? When you make reservations Juan will provide information  on  how to get to the ranch.

Best time of year to visit? Mid December thru mid April rains less.   However, this area of Costa Rica is a very rainy area.  But most of the time you will get sunny mornings.  Remember you are in a rain forest which needs rain to keep it green.

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