Rancho Margot, A Self Sufficient Working Ranch near the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

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bungalow for tourist at Rancho margot

Rancho Margot, A Self Sufficient Working Ranch near the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Rancho Margot located near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is home to one of the most exciting development projects in the country.  It is the brainchild of Juan Sostheim who came to Costa Rica from Chile to retire, but instead created Rancho Margot,  a self sustainable, self sufficient working ranch.  Juan has opened it to tourist to come and see how all this is done and  enjoy the peace and tranquility of the rain forest setting.  There are fourteen bungalows where you sleep and enjoy the gorgeous views from your own front porch.  Then you get a guided tour of the ranch, take a guided hike into the rain forest,   or take a horseback tour to the highest peak to see the mighty Arenal Volcano  erupting .  The lovely open air restaurant serves typical Costa Rica food which is fresh and delicious, most of it grown organically right there on the ranch.

At Rancho Margot electricity is produced by water driven turbines.  There is a very swift river running right down the middle of the property surrounded by thick jungle rain forests filled with monkeys and colorful tropical birds.  Dairy cows are raised for cheese and milk.  Orchards and organic gardens are sown for the fruits and vegetables.   Chickens are raised  for their eggs.  Biodigestors convert animal waste into energy.   Cell phone and internet service is all there because  Juan installed several satellites around the ranch in order to get the service.

Juan is very active in the local community.  He has reforested hillsides, purchased shuttle buses, hired English teachers for the local school children.   He built an animal rescue center on the ranch with a veterinary clinic.

Rancho Margot welcomes researchers, horticulturists, students, volunteers, backpackers and high-end tourists as well.

Also there is a yoga center built built on stilts overlooking the beautiful river.

Transportation is provided from La Fortuna.

Mimi, the tiny spider monkey (shown in the above photo) was brought into Juan’s rescue center after having been injured.  He was treated by the vet and now after two weeks is doing well.

You can learn all about Rancho Margot at www.ranchomargot.org

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