Playa Grande NW Pacific Beaches

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Renee and I first met in Costa Rica in 2004.  I was living in Cariari with my then husband Rodrigo and on Sunday afternoons we would make the trip up the mountain to Las Pilas de Alajuela  (the road to the Poas Volcano).  Renee owned and operated Vina Romatica B&B.  The most wonderful treat was eating lunch at her restaurant .  Renee is a master chef who had a gourmet restaurant for many years in Dalonega, Ga.  She came to Costa Rica on a vacation and fell in love with the country, went home sold her restaurant and moved to Costa Rica.  She stayed for nine years. Then  “wanderlust” got the best of her and she moved to Australia.  She met and married Dave in Australia and they now operate a vineyard, B&B, and of course Renee’s restaurant.  Renee named it Romantic Vineyard after her B&B in Costa Rica.

Renee decided to visit me and here we are in Playa Grande, a long stretch of beautiful beach with light brown sand and gentle Pacific waves.  Located in NW Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, it is excellent for surfing. The drive from Alajuela was long and hot.  We had air condition in the car-thank goodness!  We picked Las Tortugas Hotel on Playa Grande

 because it is right on the beach.  It is a very old hotel and was grandfathered in to remain on the beach.  Now new construction has to be one hundred meters from high tide. We walked the beach at sunset..gorgeous!  Ate  excellent fresh sea food and drank margaritas at Rip Jack’s Inn, a small inn near by.

We returned home  and Renee wanted to stay in Alajuela because she has many friends and wants to visit all of them.  She picked a small hotel downtown – Hotel 1915 which she liked very much. This hotel has the original architecture of the 1915 era.   It is Very well located close to several good restaurants, including MacDonalds,  and within walking distance of the central park where Alajuela’s huge Cathedral is shaded by the lovely Mango Trees.

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