Pacuare Nature Reserve Tortuguero, Green Turtle nesting

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Pacuare Nature Reserve Tortuguero, Green Turtle nesting

Pacuare Nature Reserve in Costa Rica is all about green turtle nesting.   It is hundreds of acres of pristine lowland rainforest and six kilometers of deserted beaches.  It is located between Tortuguero canals and the Caribbean Sea, about 25 km north of the Atlantic port city of Limon.  Pacuare Nature reserve  is an important sea turtle nesting site of  the leatherback turtle as well as the green and hawksbill turtles.  The leatherback come ashore here in the months of March through June. The greenback turtles June thorugh September.  Both of these turtles are endangered due to poaching for meat and eggs, and  also the destruction of natural habitat due to land development along the coast line.  As a results of all these things the Pacuare Nature Reserve  was created in 1989 by the British based Endangered Wildlife Trust.

In 1994 a volunteer turtle protection program was established at Pacuare Nature Reserve and is made up of volunteers and students.  Visitors are welcome and upon arrival are given an orientation and invited to participate in the night patrol of walking the beaches to make sure poachers are not taking the turtles or the eggs.

Visitors are welcome to stay at the very rustic lodge located on the property. There is a 2 night minimum.   The lodge has three bedrooms with a shared 1/2 bath.  The shower is outside  and hot water is available if you want it. The is no electricity  at the lodge.  Price is $80 per person per night which includes the meals and transportation to the lodge by boat from La Trocha.  One can volunteer their services  and this is $175 for a week.

Wildlife is abundant here-monkeys,  250 species of birds, exotic flora, a very jungle setting.  One really feels that you are away from the real world.  Hear the sounds of birds early in the morning along with the sounds of the ocean serf. Watch the sun rise at 5:30 a.m. every morning.  Weather is very warm and humid here, and rains a lot-all year round.

When visiting Pacuare Nature Reserve what should you bring?  sun screen, mosquito spray, light weight clothes, comfortable walking shoes, sun hat,  small folding umbrella, small flashlight, bottled water if you feel you need it.

How to get to Pacuare Nature reserve: From San Jose take the highway to Limon and in about 2 hours,  turn off near a  village named  Matina and go about 30 minutes through very scenic route of  banana plantations to La Trocha  located along the Tortuguero canals.  Boat from the lodge picks you up and then its a 20 min ride to the reserve.  Or email Carlos and he will tell you which bus to take from San Jose to Matina, then take a taxi  to La Trocha.

Contact:  Carlos Fernandez 2 224 85 68             or

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